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  1. You don’t know yet but by training like that, you overdeveloped massive testosterone and destroyed your own body little by little. You cannot make a baby properly because of your low œstrogen and by having a overtrained perineum muscle. You soon become a female-man. You transitioning like a F T M.

    • Our ancestors did discover fire, learn how to hunt, learn how to build, make tools an eventually traverse the oceans just for you to go super caveman by thinking only men can have muscles.

      What a loser.

      • You can’t troll Mother Nature, dumbo!
        Such things has repercussions in the DNA as well.
        Female bodybuilders doesn’t need to be mother!

          • “In addition to exercise and weight training, eating well is another way to raise your testosterone levels naturally.

            While you don’t have to eat like a vegetarian, you should reduce your red meat consumption and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.”

            So really including no natural way for humans to gain protein,you can also increase testosterone even whilst going vegan.


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