Masked ASMR Rough ASMR Video

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  1. I think she is degrading herself to quickly. Or is that all we really want? I loved back in the day when she played soft teasing, charming ASMR stuff with nice eye contact. Now this is harsh, frontal, not delicate anymore. I miss already Masked because I know so well that she never come back… Raaa, and get off this fucking wig, silly! 😩

    • The comments above made me realize one thing: you guys forces your ownself too much to like women.
      Just go like men already, stop being fucking annoying for something you didn’t even paid for.

    • Do people legit keep paying for her bullshit videos? Both Masked and Network are working together with the same low effort posting, as though their looks is the only thing that is bringing money, therefore they probably feel like they don’t owe us a better performance.


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