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    • 1916149 Denton White, Natalie, Annabelle 10/11/1998 20 9/21/2019 F White F
      Police Department: Lewisville Police Department Police Svc #: 1911209
      Deceased Address: 2175 TX-121 Business #B3023 , Lewisville, Texas 75067 Time Of Death 4:49 PM
      Occurred location: 2175 TX-121 Business #B3023 , Lewisville, Texas 75067
      Place Of Death: Suite B3023 Prosector: Shante Hill
      Place Of Death Address: 2175 TX 121 Business #B3023 , Lewisville, Texas,75067 Manner Of Death: PENDING
      Cause Of Death: PENDING
      EDR #: 44444573846

  1. You were surrounded by a bunch of retards the past couple years (bf, new friends, dealers)
    Chad let you take those drugs, he takes cocaine too, weed (og kush) he let you died right near him! What about your dealer who threatening you with a gun earlier Chad huh?? how much do you have to repay motherfucker??

  2. Do drugs kids, it’s good to momentary forgetting your condition. Do it if you can’t fit with society.
    Also try to limit your suicidal behavior because drugs accentuate highly your mood!

  3. She is so lost rofl! Look at this crackhead! Nice pupils ! You can’t larp as a lesbian every time!!! You LOVE COCKS DOWN YOUR THROAT, WHORE 😀 !!!

    • I was the original comment, and I just knew that Natalie White aka Cloveress just passed away the same day (21st september 2019) that I post my dumbest comment of my life…
      Even if I didn’t like the fact that she destroyed her life with drug, being a e-prostitute, I feel bad because it was maybe my fault. Maybe she was aware… Poor girl… fucking society.
      I am sorry Natalie. Your parents will remember you when you were a little girl.


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