ASMR Network Trigger Words Video!

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  1. I’m getting really tired if this daddy, incest porn bullshit. I’m about ready to start hunting down and beating mother fuckers to death over this shit.

    • Ha! Thanks ! I taught I was the only one in a million ! This beta thing is disgusting. It’s an appel for pedophilic behavior! Same with women wearing small pink dress and act like raping style or child! Fucking degenerate. Press the restart button!

    • Stfu white knight faggot! This bitch needs to show her pussy or fuck off! Go watch midget porn and pay 17 bucks for this shit faggot

      • Yeah man I agree, she is a lazy bitch! I prefer gingerasmr she has aftyn vibes, very caring, loving and sexy vibes! Stop paying attention to these plastic dolls. They suck your money not your cock.

  2. Boring (for $17!) may I add, if it was for 5 bucks it’ would be totally fine that’s why we mostly get bored very fast. Ok here it’s free but some fella paid for that CRAP. I know it’s harsh but c’mon, don’t you agree a lilttle bit? She can do better. Asmr can be more intertaining than actual porn, so she (they) should do better or stop being greedy e-thots! Sorry for this terrible English brethren.


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