AftynRose ASMR Twin Ear Licking & Biting With Supernatural Babes Video


    • You too. I can start a kickstarter for you so you can finally lose your virginity. Men should support a broke brother. Everyone doing one’s small part.

      • Spoken like a true simp virgin. Mum jokes and unfunny paragraph about a kickstarter run. He is speaking the truth, you guys should save your pocket money, rent a whore and get a hotel room for one night, then you will realise sex is so fucking easy to get you don’t need to worship your hand grip.

  1. aftyn is all about giving tingles not making porn you losers also she isn’t a thot as a thot is defined as a woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships.

  2. Bunch of fucking dipshits on this website complaining about how much these girls charge for their videos while watching it for free. Dick shits without any knowledge of the value of a dollar shaming girls for trying to make money showing off their bodies. Millions of porn sites exists yet you cuck fuck bastards must be toxic in a fucking comment section. If it weren’t for those pathetic fucks that spent money on these videos these girls wouldn’t bother making them. dipshits will complain over anything because nothing will ever satisfy their micro penises.

  3. seems like people forgot she started off just making asmr. she doesn’t have to pretend to suck our dick in every video lmao she’s just making asmr.

    • “Poor beta incel cucks. Go suck mommy titty.” This is exactly what you are. Pathetic poor beta incel e-cuck jerking your little weewee to an asmr video without any even slight nudity and protesting against those who saying anything against your e-girl. Now you can go back to sucking your dad’s cock.

  4. Finally, I take back EVERYTHING I said about ASMR Network… Aftyn lick the 3DIO for fucking 20 bucks!!? At least Amy suck deep a dildo and topless for $17!!
    Aftyn the ((((((money grabber)))))) ffs!

    • Sorry, but both Network and Masked are a couple of overrated dumb dumbs with fake tits who have 0 personality and are nowhere as creative as other nsfw girls (Aftyn, Bella Brookz, etc), but hey, that’s just my opinion, if you’re into that, good for you..

    • You’re here complaining amount the amount she’s charging and you’re watching it here for free. Kind of ironic. Go complain somewhere else.

      • I am a kind of anonymous, I am more smart that the dumbass who paid. $20 mate…$20!…… sigh she should do more because she is not a top model! Wtf if she make a tier for 100 what you would expect from her? Tell me son


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