AftynRose ASMR The Parlor Of Relaxation Video!

“You deserve a break! Welcome to the massage parlor of miss Aftyn, let me take care of you this evening. We have tea, candles, massages, boobies and maybe sexual release! Everything you desire! Probably! WHO KNOWS! I love you. please enjoy! <3"


  1. People go in the comments to bitch just look up porn lol. It takes 2 seconds. You seriously have hurt feelings over one of many girls showing skin on the internet. If you’re seriously offended at this consider suicide because life gets WAY harder than that.

  2. If Florescent had an ass and some titties she’d have already taken over Aftyn’s spot. Once the next generation of thots realize how easy it is to make back as an ASMRtits, Aftyn “Butterface” Rose is fucked.

  3. She’s not married you retard you can look up these people. Ethan wouldn’t have taken her name we know her last name is Pankratz why would he have taken her last name it makes no sense. Ethan Pankratz is a different person who lives in the same state but nowhere near the same city REE

  4. i’m just here for the comments nowadays … u guys are just amazing and never fail to put a smile on my face 😀

    • yes there is, a really early video that she made for specif tier of her early patreon, just search for her topic in the sexy-youtube forums and scrolls through the first pages (spoiler: it’s not that good, she “accidentally” shows it the left nipple 2 or 3 times and pretend is not showing while she massages her breats)

  5. So did she just decide NOT to expand on her quoted “Sexual Puberty” that she claimed she’d be doing when she started back to posting videos? Because it seems like she’s not really evolving and is doing the same old shit she’s done before. Glad to see people are getting fed up with this shit, because there’s no reason for her NOT to show a tiddy at this point. She’s basically become a predictable basic bitch and isn’t going to expand further. Maybe its because her husband is telling her to keep her naughtiness down, but either way this is beyond old. And yet suckers are STILL subscribing to her Patreon like some gullible incels.

    • Shut the fucking hell up you absolute retard. Angry virgin! DO YOU KNOW THE MEANING OF TEASING??? NOT EVERY GIRLS SHOULD MAKE FUCKING HARDCORE GONZO GANGBANG LIKE DEGENERATES! Let her be a loving and caring, sexy e-thot !! Go hang yourself it’s better! You mgtow shit!

      • It fucking amazes me how cunts type shut the hell up, YOU CAN’T FUCKING HEAR HIM/HER LMFAO!, and if you do that’s called Schizophrenia. Study your comment Paul, and try and understand how much of an oxymora it is.

    • I mean honestly pay for her shit then start ranted ti her to change, its not like she has to listen to guys who dont support but also people who are ahem watching her shit free, on this platform.
      I mean heck i ain’t complaining and i know im not at least paying, but shit whatchu expext she aint a pornstar

  6. Personally, I love her videos. The teasing and innuendo leading up to the end is amazing. But even I have to admit that these past four videos are rubbish compared to the three or four before (they were downright nasty). I thought it was leading to a new trend…. but womp womp

  7. the problem is, every new video of her, is always the same shit. no new ideas.
    how many times we’ve seen her ass? how many times we ‘ve seen the same shit?
    the same stupid bullshit again and again…….
    she had her good times now she is recycling her shit……

  8. I want to die… I feel so miserable for so long… what am I doing with my life. I can’t take away my eyes on my knives… sigh. Again.


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