AftynRose ASMR Sensual Touchy Relax Time Video!


  1. Would still bang. Don’t matter if she’s average (or what you dumbasses call ugly) you dudes are fucking retards

  2. You want the harsh reality? She have a nice ass and breasts but she is ugly. Her teeth yeah, but her chin, her ear, her midget fingers, her chin, hairy arms, smashed nose, horse legs…

  3. All you Simps are a bunch of beta cucks. If you want to see titties then go to the hub. She already stated she’s not interested in nudity, plus you’re here for free so quit complaining with your broke azz.

    • Sus fotos de desnudos están en su patreon y para ver eso hay que suscribirce pagando una mensualidad por tier, mientras más explícito sea el tier osea que las fotos sean más íntimas mayor es el precio de la mensualidad, eso lo hace para hacernos pagar y muchas youtuber lo hacen igual

  4. GODDAMN! CAN SHE JUST FUCKING DO A NUDE VIDEO ALREADY?! This teasing is too fucking much! Had so much hope we’d get to finally see a tiddy, but NOPE! Once again she’s too fucking smart to reveal a nipple! Goddamn this girl is sexy but this teasing shit is pissing me off now.

    • This, bitch needs to stop the teasing shit already, thank fuck I thought twice about supporting her on patreon and I don’t think I will unless she ups her game and stops the nonsense

    • I hate to break it to you, but she has said in the past that she’s not interested in being nude/having sex on camera.

      You can find this out by looking at some of her archived videos she still distributes to her patreon members.

    • when you don’t financially support the girl, and request she changes her style of video. If she read this i guarantee she wouldnt listen. Plus she aint doing anything wrong when you support her you know what ur signing up for. If you dont like her content stop watching.

    • I love comments like these cause there’s Always a plethora of boys who are like ‘If you don’t like her content, leave.” It’s like… It’s free. Who gives a fuck? Stop white knighting and let people dream, damn XD Eventually all of them are gonna realize this teasing shit can only go so far. It’s just a matter of time, man

      • I come to these videos to laugh at you virgins not to watch some fat cunt act like a diseased rodent. Look at her teeth ffs, like a set of Rugby goal posts.

        • I hope she quit before it was too late… brain degeneration is a thing that you can’ hardly recover. I hope she will stay healthy and never pass the line. She doing the hippie teasing thing.


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