AftynRose ASMR Scooby Booby Doo Video!


  1. here To see a bunch of grown-ass men fighting over some pg 13 cunt who refuses to get naked is sad, wank somewhere else if you’re tired of teasing.

  2. incredible
    sobal a new video is uploaded by afty. there is infinite discosion.
    we got to know them so why should they change?

    I do not get it

  3. If only her patreons figured it out, now that she is reliant on their income, all they need to do is say they won’t support her any more, unless she gets naked. If they all pull their payments she will be destitute with no way to pay bills or survive. You think she wouldn’t whore herself out for real if she knew she was gonna lose her place to live, livelihood and independence? All that hippy bullshit about what she likes to do would be out the window. If only they understood that they literally hold the keys to her future content now that her entire life hangs on their money. If they became aware of that power they would absolutely take advantage of her, white knight or not. But simps gotta simp

      • And you sound like a faggot. A literal “Oooh boobies offend me!” kind of faggot of the worst kind. Go be a puritan somewhere else, homo!

        • You have a problem with homosexuals? Typical kid behind a keyboard. Disgusting little boy i mean you just said boobies i mean what sort of adult says that? You fucking sexual predator, you sound like a pedo more than that man/woman sounds like a, as you say faggot.

      • A sore loser? What does that even mean none of you won anything here. The only thing every single one of us has lost is time. The amount of things wrong in your life to leave a comment like “you sound like a sore fucking loser. go watch porn or get a girlfriend, bud”on a porn site must be imense. Good luck sorting your life out i hope you leave the computer one day.

    • Who are the real simps when you’re the one creating fantasy scenarios about nearly ruining someones life all so you can see the inch of nipple that she doesn’t show? If everyone gave me a dollar I would be rich and be able to buy straight nudes from her but that’s not how life works retard.

  4. Bro, she’s never gonna get naked XD There’s too many bitch ass white knights backing her. Only way she’s coming down from that is if Most of them realize that they’re wasting their money for something they can find on youtube. Here’s to hoes getting richer for not doing anything:)

  5. Hello, Felix. I just wanted to thank you for your streams, the content you make, it has really helped me a lot. My father was diagnosed with cancer last year, it has really been hard for me and my family. You’ve really helped me getting through the rough times. Keep being what you are and doing such inspiring work, my friend. All I wanted is to just thank you for…. Haha, just messing with you, douchebag, it’s Bwanbale from highschool. You haven’t changed that much since you left Uganda where me and my tiger mafia used to give you rough times. Sorry you were just an easy target, lol. You are still playing video games in your closet, and I am the greatest Ugandan prince now with Bruce U as my personal bodyguard. Remember Adept, a roommate you had a crush on. Yea, she’s with me right now and loves that BBC. I saw you love hitting your desk, but your beta smash can’t be a rival to my destructive supa kicka. I guess some things never change huh loser? Pathetic. Nice catching up ZULUL. VI VON CHAT ZULUL, VI VON ZULUL GWA GWA GWA GWA GWA GWA GWA GWA.

          • Because it’s creepy? What is actually wrong with you? There is BILLIONS of porn images and videos but this obsession is creepy and unhealthy. You really think she wants to get naked for a creepy guy like you? Maybe if her *fans* weren’t stalkers demanding nudity she might get naked. We all know if she got naked you would move on to your next victim. Go outside try to meet someone please for her sake otherwise you’ll end up outside her house with a gun like some fucking psycho stalker you see in the news. You need help, this isn’t a troll this is real, get help.

    • She doesn’t reproduce and sell those kinds of commodities. As far as I can see it, is that she’s providing content to a niche market. I have made an effort to define this market as “intimacy”, but I have found it to be inconsistent.

  6. man people are mad annoying. you’re getting this content for free and you’re complaining. she’s never made full on porn, she’s always leaned towards asmr. she isn’t going to show her full as body every video, and it’s also because there’s different Patreon tiers. this is on the cheaper tier. if you want porn, go to pornhub.

  7. Fucking weak…one week she’s showing almost everything, the next she shows nothing and does PG-13 level content. She’s so fucking inconsistent! Does she do this shit intentionally? Why doesn’t she get lewder and lewder? Why does she switch every week between going borderline nude, to non nude the next week? Is there some logic to the pattern?

      • God are you all literal faggots here or something? used to be straight guys would AGREE with my viewpoint, now its like you all forgot that you have testosterone and want to see nudes of a woman like Aftyn…what the fuck happened to you all? Got emasculated while growing up? You are telling me you DON’T want to see her naked? The fucks wrong witchu?!

          • My balls are going to have an aneurysm over this consistent teasing but not showing shit. She’s already doing thotty things, so she needs to go full out already and start getting naked!

          • its cause this is from a lower patreon tier, the more nude ones are clearly from the more expensive tiers.

        • Jesus Christ, I remember my first beer!

          You need to calm ya tits pal! You are so desperate it’s pathetic! Of course people wanna see her tits, buy good things come to those who wait! She is one of the better asmr peeps, and she doesn’t have to go by what you think she should be doing! She can change up her content all she wants, treat em mean keep em keen!

          If you are this desperate for tits, go to a titty bar, hire an escort, get a gf or go to Pornhub and watch them for free! Stop ya bitch you autistic fuck!

          • So how fucking long SHOULD we wait? What is it YOU want out of her? More teasing but not showing kind of shit? Is that what you fucking idiots want? Makes no sense from a straight male standpoint that you’d be willing and supportive of her teasing without showing style…like seriously, do you all have a torture fetish or something?

          • It may not be full nude but it’s probably one of the most genuine nsfw videos with legitimate asmr throughout.

    • It’s based on her Patreon tiers, the lowest tier gets the more SFW stuff, and the highest tier gets the most lewd vid.

  8. So is she going to figure out whether or not she’ll do full sexual asmr or not? Because one week, she’s almost nude, the next she’s fully clothed and does tame stuff…are we getting ALL her content that she releases, or just the PG to PG 13 rated content? She’s really turning me off to her content, even though she can still be sexy, she’s still undecided whether she’ll commit to full sexual asmr or not.

      • Ok so which one is this then? Are there people hoarding her naughty stuff now? Would be nice to know which tiers people are leaking so I don’t have to waste my time searching the video to see if I even get a HINT of tiddy or ass. OP needs to clarify which tier and rating we’re getting from now on, because I don’t want to waste my time watching her PG shit, I want to fap to her sexy body…not do pure ASMR shit that don’t show shit.

        • So then dont watch it it is as simple as that why the fuck are you bitching about free content you are not paying anything to see this content so fucking deal with it

          • Are YOU paying? You have no fucking right to talk down to me, sonny! Know your role and shut your mouth!

        • Look at the big man bitching about free content… Anyway, I mean, she never said she was going to quit doing her regular asmr stuff, and if you don’t want to waste your time, just by taking a look at the thumbnail you’ll get an idea of what kind of video it’s going to be..

          • Look you faggot! How about you provide us with content that would make me WANT to invest in her first…THEN I might decide whether or not its worth my time and money to do so…what I’m seeing as of late is really not worth my time, so fuck off with your high horse and either post some lewder shit or get the fuck outta here and go white knight elsewhere, like Reddit with that faggot Trent! I’m sure you love that kind of shit.

          • Why should I? Her content isn’t worth 30 dollars a month. Or whatever tiers she does to still provide only blue balling teasing shit like this. At this point, why the fuck isn’t everyone else demanding she do more and actually get lewder for us? Those who are investing in her ARE entitled to that kind of content, so why the fuck does no one have the balls to ask? Come on…this is getting fucking tiring and you Aftyn worshipers literally are blinded to the fact she CAN do more for the money being invested in her. She’s not worth the investment IMO.

    • the tier 4’s are the best and are her most sexual videos to get. This is from the t3 so its not as “good”, but the difference in quality from the $20 and $30 is pretty big.

        • because the dirty 30 for the month has been released you moron. once a month. the rest of this stuff is from lower tier. jesus just shut up and enjoy or fag off.

          • So she only does ONE lewd video per month? Yeah no, why the fuck are you all accepting that? She ought to produce more, and right now it just seems like you’re all sucking her metaphorical teat just for some HOPE to see her actually get naked. That’s bullshit! At least other NSFW ASMRists finally fully committed to doing lewd videos for us like Ginger and Network, but Aftyn is still just dicking you all around with the amount of money you pay for her. Don’t you feel the LEAST bit upset at the lack of lewds and the time it takes to release the said lewds? What will it take for her to actually show her full nude tits with nipple and all? Has anyone even ASKED?! Come on! Stop bullshitting me!

        • the tier 4 videos come out towards the end of month. these videos come out every friday. No one has the videos until she releases them, so for the more lewd content you gotta wait a month. thats just how her tiers are right now

          • Yeah, so again…WHY should I pay if she’s going to be only releasing lewds once a month? That’s fucking bullshit and a ripoff! People should stop paying UNTIL she does get nude and start doing more adult content ASMR. You ARE entitled to that, regardless of what MeToo-ers tell you! You are PAYING and INVESTING in her content! You have EVERY RIGHT TO DEMAND MORE!

          • Jesus fucking Christ kid! If her stuff isn’t worth $30 a month why are you bitching so much? Her patreon even says simulated nude, I don’t think she will do full nudity for a long time!

            You need to grow up, maybe when your balls drop you’ll realise how pathetic you are coming across, you have access to billions of free porn, titty bars and the rest yet here you are bitching because you can’t see someone’s tits which is also free content!

    • This is not the type of content Aftyn makes. You’ve found yourself requesting a service that is completely not what the person has to offer. You dont walk into a vinyl shop demanding for cassette tapes, same logic applies here.

      • Except she TALKS like she’s into that kind of shit ALL THE TIME! Why the fuck would she NOT want to do that kind of content? She could make a killing even moreso! Stop being such discouraging faggots over this shit, because you know as well as everyone else here knows WE ALL WANT HER TO GET NEKKID!

        • Dude it’s clear that your are an idiot. She never said she was doing nude. What do you mean that she talks like she is into this shit? She makes videos. She is not a bitch you are trying to smash in the real world who isn’t putting up. She makes her content and makes good money off of it so she has the freedom at this time to do what she wants. Just like any band or actor who doesn’t play the same music or do the same movies anymore. They don’t owe you anything they can do whatever the fuck they want. I can save you the trouble now. She will never put out naked stuff. You have to come to terms with that and somehow move on with your life. But I’m going to give you an alternative. Watch ginger asked for similar content. She just went full nude. Bella Brooks also does asked full nude.

          • “They don’t owe you anything they can do whatever the fuck they want.” except when you PAY, yeah they do owe you what you want. That’s how contracts work. If I pay for some nudes, I expect nudes. If she accepts my money then changes her mind, she’s be in breach of contract and liable to whatever ramifications I see fit…whether monetary or other. So get off your white knighting high horse and understand the basic ideas of commodity exchange and paying what you ask for, you uneducated fucknugget!


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