AftynRose ASMR Good Lil Secretary Video!


  1. This girl is hotter than the sun because of her confidence, sweetness, cuteness and knowing what guys want. Seriously hot.

  2. Its hilarious you faggots coming here and jerking it to her videos then pretending you think shes ugly. If you wouldnt throw this bitch into the wall and fuck her throat til she passed out from lack of oxygen then youre either gay or pretending. Now stfu virgins. Pathetic.

  3. Is it just me or has she gotten fatter? When I compare pre-haitus Aftyn with post-hiatus aftyn I can’t help but realize that her face just looks a bit more… rounded? What do you fagots think?

  4. I thought she said she was going to get more naughty from now on? This just seems like the same old stuff she did before her hiatus. Didn’t she say she’s going through a “sexual puberty’? Whatever that meant…

    • Look I wanna see more naughty stuff from here to, but If we pressure here to much she may pull back and never do it.

    • I thought this was pretty fucking epic personally, the views from the back were groundbreaking and her seductive talk game is so strong it’s legendary. But that’s just me, I’ve been watching her videos since the early days.


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