AftynRose ASMR Easter Bunny Shenanigans Video!


  1. Okay, some enlightenment. Aftyn is beyond creative, fact. She puts time and effort into her content/cosplays with which other Asmrtists will never compare. You want quality? that’s what you get, you want story, motivation and script? that’s what you get, you want a sexually charged female who knows what she wants and how to please her audience, that’s what you get. i have seen AAA Hollywood movies with less plot and direction…..BirdsOfPray…….cough, than Aftyns earlier work. Okay so you are a victim of social media and current memes, i get that, but hating someone’s for how they look is more of a projection of self than who YOU are. Bottom line, stellar content, great acting and well scripted, but most of all, the most genuine Amsrtist of all time, plus you can see that in all her performances. Summary, you want nudes? there are billions of girls out there Ffs, no need for hate seriously, it’s hilarious reading the comments here, and your watching stolen content for free. Aftyn is ASMR lewd or otherwise. Reply please in video format 😉 i would love to see you describe and show how perfect you are 🙂 can’t do that….? then your just Another Brick in the Wall. xx

  2. Depois q eu comecei a comentar em português começou a aparecer mais BR nos comentários. Será q eu tive alguma influencia nisso?

  3. I wonder why on AR threads, many Brazilian and Chinese comments? Is she became a worldwide e-girl? How many ppl saw her hot videos?


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