AftynRose ASMR Dirty Poetry Full Patreon Video!

“I think I’m going through adult puberty. I’ve always been a rather horny lady but now I’m discovering all these new kinks and coming up with really dirty fantasies and surprising even myself! I watched one of my older videos and almost felt sad watching innocent little Aftyn.. she has not yet seen the things I’ve seen, done the things I’ve done. She knows not the full wonders of the sexual world <3 part of me misses that time though. Little things were much more exciting when I was just dipping my toes in the water. BUT things will never be the way that they were because the world moves forward and all we can do is move forward along with it and make the best out of our current situations! I'm having a lot of fun exploring my sexuality and it is a pleasure sharing the experience with you all ;)"


  1. Imagine sitting down to a family dinner around Christmas, everyone is talking and catching up with aunt, uncles and cousins. And then someone turns to you and asks you what you do? What business are you in?
    Oh, I make asmr moaning and licking noises and i write crappy sexualized poetry, you can listen to it here…
    I mean her brothers must be fapping to her naked pictures and audios. But fucking hell, what a way to make a living. No shame what so ever. I bet her mother and father divorced during her childhood and she likely lives with the mother. Cause only a mother would let her child become a total slut for hire.

  2. Wait…is she saying that she’s likely going to go full on nude at some point? That whole blog of her “sexual puberty” is giving me a LOT of hope and anticipate she’s ready to go beyond the tease! This is a joyous moment, boys! Fap that coronavirus away!


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