AftynRose ASMR Chest, Booty, Legs, & Feet Scratching Video!


  1. This bastard is heavily lucky.
    This video dethroned the last one. I even did dirty talking during this one. Many years since I felt like this. Great asmr it was. Huge Tingles for me *wink wink*

      • This girl need an insemination ASAP. Become a mother will be a benefit for her life. Stop making this deteriorating stuff on Internet.
        All for money huh? Sigh…

      • YES.
        While I stay the most deeper in her while I cumming. And I won’t pull out, I’ll continue banging her womb while my sticky semen fully impregnate her perfect woman body. Until she cum and squeeze on my sword. Every sips would be in, never out.
        Everyday, and multiple times of the d’y I would feed her vulva, making her eyes rolling of pleasure, her saliva dropping on her titties. I dream to be the father of her children.


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