AftynRose ASMR Angelic Visitor Video!


  1. Not working on desktop, either.
    following the src, the mp4 doesn’t seem to want to play, either.
    Anyone got a fixed version?

  2. Fuck all this bitch ass niggas who think “teasing is more important” and “we don’t want full nudity”, it’s not out problem that you can’t get past foreplay and don’t know how to handle a bitch like that naked. Stop saying gay shit, GIVE US HARDCORE AFTYN, I want to see her gagging on a huge rubber dick and spiting it all out on her tits

      • Case in point. This mf calls me a “degenerate” because i like a good rough pussy pounding, pretty sure you’re one of those who approch a “lady” and try to “courtship” her, and because of that every woman you’ve been with has dump you sorry ass and you look for “Teasing” in a roleplay leaked video. Fag

        • My dude, chill! 😂
          It’s all just business, don’t you see?
          She ain’t making these just because…

          If she just showed everything, she wouldn’t get all them dudes paying her patreon every month to see more.
          I want to see her butthole too but, these days if you’re not already an established pornstar, you can lose that clout super quick.
          My guess is she’s gonna jump one step over whenever she sees her numbers going down. That way she can last in the game for a lot longer.
          For example, look at them Twitch girls and how many followers they have.

          AftynRose is damn fine tho!
          I’d smack those chubs hella hard.

          • Yet if her fanbase all at once stopped paying her wages, she would be more inclined to do more desperate things in order to gain views. They don’t even realise that they have the power to make her get nude. Partially because they are all die hard virgins.


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