AftynRose ASMR A Most Professional Eye Exam!


  1. Listen up y’all because I’m gonna be brief. She has mouths to feed so it doesn’t matter if she be showing her nasty ass pussy or not. We all got to jerk off out here, this is pretty good to me. We is good fellas who just want to yank to her tooth gap. Keep it up Austin rose!!

    • Ok faggot, you’ve rambled on long enough. That was probably the gayest shit I’ve read yet. First thing I want you to do is kill yourself. After that, I want you to give your stimulus check to that scraggly nigga laying on that corner over there. His name is Ralph. He’s a faggot too. Then, I want you to get a football and kick a 50yd field goal between this bitches teeth. Don’t fuck this up.

    • Then only there was a platform where u can watch girls go full nude, a girl who listens to a whining asshole that complains and wants something new without supporting a single penny, and expects the free shit hes watching to be exactly what he wants.

  2. comment sections are more entertaining than the videos on it i swear.
    shit’s hilarious

  3. lmao this raw incel fury cus not enough titty tease. not that it was a good vid but why are you so upset

  4. This is a 10$ video which is not supposed to be SUPER sexy. why don’t you look at the fucking tiers.
    btw i don’t give one fuck about this bitch I just hate guys that bitch around all the time, shut the fuck up or go and masturbate. If you wanna see her nips just do some research. IF YOU COMMENT ON THIS YOU ARE GAY AND WILL SUCK MY DICK

  5. For youtube this would be fitting as ASMR, matching her other content on youtube. But having to pay for this each month is just a fucking joke.

    1$ a month for this shit and up to 20$ for the “DELICIOUSLY sexy videos” is a fucking ripoff

  6. Fucking garbage vid. I keep hyping myself every Friday that it’ll finally be better but it’s always a let down. I’d feel like a fucking idiot if I paid for this shit

  7. Trash. I feel sorry for the people who pay for this shit. I don’t give a fuck about y’all low testosterone bitches who don’t wanna see her nude or ruin “the magggggiccc” of this fat SquarePants teeth looking elf but her content is absolutely comical. Also if you’re having volume on during this 30min shit you’re the biggest cuck and simp in the universe

    • Im confused what your point is here. You call her fat and ugly pretty much, yet you still somehow seem interested in seeing her nude. Would it have been better if this fat and ugly elf was doing nude content? Why are you even here? There’s millions of porn videos out there that you can jerk off to you sad fuck. “I don’t give a fuck” – Dude, you give an awful lot of fucks. Stop trying to act like you’re not, when you probably can’t even look a girl in the eyes in real life you sad excuse of a human being.

      • Some niggas like you don’t get it do they?. Real MEN like me gotta do what they gotta do. Im a super high t hypersexual male. I’d literally fuck anything that’s moving. Even a fat whale like your asmr princess right here. Just because I dislike her doesn’t mean I can’t just close my eyes while I’m sticking my thick dick deep inside her vaginal hoods and fantasize about fucking a slim sexy 5’11 Victoria secret model instead. I wont cuff her you little ass virgin I’m just gonna nut and move on. “The magiiiiiiccccc, keep the magiccccc alive of not seeing her nude” you’re one of these simps on reddit who prefer getting stringed along and paying 15 a month only to hear her scratching her collarbone for 20 minutes or kissing the camera as an imaginary girlfriend of yours. Guess who’s the pathetic human being my nigga


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